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Graduates observatory

The Observatory for graduates provides information about students’ professional future, ensures an effective follow-up and conducts investigations over professional integration, continued study or other matter related to student life. Its purpose is also to develop and implement a network, and to undertake actions in favour of the students and graduates’ professional integration.


・Follow-up on the graduates’ career path

A « 1 year later » survey is conducted by the Observatory for graduate. The results analysis gives a better knowledge of the graduates’ professional future and evaluates the quality of their integration. It is also a way for Beaux-Arts de Paris to improve the quality of their courses by collecting comments and suggestions.

A professional integration survey of Beaux-Arts de Paris graduates 3 years after their diploma has been launched by the DEPS – Studies, prospect and statistics Department within the French Ministry of Culture.


・ Communication on artistic opportunities

A bimonthly newsletter is sent to all the students and graduates to present them a lot of calls for projects for prizes, grants, residencies and job offers, and to provide them with a set of resources to help them develop their professional projects.


・ Animating the network

To be part of the graduate’s news, former students are encouraged to contact the department and share their artistic activities. Their news will be featured in the monthly external Beaux-Arts de Paris newsletter and on its Facebook page. Information is also transmitted to the alumni association “Cercle Chromatique”.

With time, this network will also help developing relations with the professional world, improving the artists visibility and bringing together all graduates.


Contact : Myriam Toledano


・ Career support (TADA)

For a second year, Beaux-Arts de Paris have decided to partner with TADA agency in order to simplify the artists’ administrative actions and to help them accede professional artistic life.


・ To educate students in a useful, fun way about the practical issues of an artistic career, several actions have been undertaken.


・ Students will have at their disposal all the documentation needed to understand the stakes of an artistic career, to make the right decisions and start their professional life. 


・ They will receive an e-book containing, among other things, standard templates (CV, invoice, certificate of authenticity, etc.), a schedule of administrative deadlines, explanations on status and financial aids for starting one’s activity, as well as a copy of the Backpack de l’artiste, a book comprising 500 online tools to guide them throughout every key step of their career.


・ Finally, each student will be offered a 30 minutes personal interview to address their current challenges and find appropriate solutions, as well as a one-year subscription to a management software of art works, contacts and administrative files.


・ Discussion workshop
Workshop designed to alert the artists to practical issues of the professional life, in a short form (1h-1h30) in late afternoon. The workshop will be interactive, with question-and-answer sessions in small groups.


Contact : Delphine Toutain