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Organisation of studies

From now on, the choice of creation involves your whole life as a student, an artist perhaps one day, a creator in any case. Your whole life will be marked by the great artists that you will meet in the workshops, by the techniques that you will practice, by the discovery of knowledge that theorists, philosophers, economists, writers, scientists and historians will transmit to you in the context of the teaching and cultural programme. You have succeeded in joining one of the greatest European art schools and have chosen to follow a demanding training course. I salute this commitment, which involves a great deal of effort. Not only academic or technical efforts, but a deeper search turned towards yourself, an inner exploration, a pursuit of meaning and expression of what is most singular in you. This exercise of the mind is difficult, solitary on the one hand, and its success cannot be evaluated, it concerns only you, but it will be the foundation of what you will accomplish. Of course the courage necessary for this quest will have all the more effect as it is based on a perfect knowledge of art first of all, its nature, history and current events, but also on an understanding of the world, of current issues, from a political and societal point of view, so as to enrich your expression not only with your own emotions or thoughts, but also by articulating them with today's major subjects.


As far as art is concerned, you have the chance to be installed in the heart of one of the world's capitals, close to the most active museums, art centres, galleries and, in the School itself, surrounded by professionals, curators who study one of the most beautiful national art collections. Take advantage of it, visit these treasures. The School offers more than any other in the field of today's issues. Once again, take advantage of it. Your curriculum offers you the opportunity to emerge from your studies remarkably cultivated and profound, inventor of your own autonomy, creative, daring and undoubtedly more singular and exciting than most. While these characteristics give you a great chance to be useful in society, they also allow you to weather better than others major crises such as the one that began in 2020 and which is not over as I write these lines for you. The entire team of the École des Beaux-Arts de Paris will accompany you with dedication and passion to overcome the trials that await us all and to ensure that these extraordinary studies you have undertaken go as smoothly as possible. Count on us, be in solidarity with each other and let's all progress together.




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