Calls for projects

Call for applications GIDE for 3 video or 3D image creations

Reserved for students registered at the School or DNSAP 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 graduates.

Terms and Conditions

The works resulting from this call for projects may be displayed for a maximum of 10 years to power LED screens of vertical format 120x240 cm located in the accesses to the meeting rooms of the law firm Gide, whose technical characteristics are attached to this call for projects.

Free subject, only constraints :

  • each work must be a rather short sequence, from 30 seconds to 1 minute,
  • without sound,
  • quite evolutionary but not too dynamic (otherwise visual discomfort),
  • the 3 works, each intended for one floor, can constitute a series or not,
  • the content of the documents must have the same resolution as the screens,
  • the creations must be original.

Endowment for each laureate: 3 000 €.
This endowment includes the production costs and copyrights attached to the works created.


Meeting at Gide on Wednesday 21 October at 9:30 am 15 rue Laborde, 75008 Paris, to view the venue, the screens and to test some films brought by students and graduates.

Delivery by email until Monday, November 16 at midnight.
Interested candidates should send :

  • the 3 works in the format of an MP4 file
  • a short description of the works they submit
  • their contact information: Last name, first name, address, telephone, email, year of study or degree

A jury made up of representatives of Gide and the Beaux-Arts de Paris will select 3 to 4 winners in December. The works will be installed at Gide from January to December 2021, with each laureate being presented for 3 to 4 months.

Contact for applications:


Download the call for applications (FR)

Download technical specifications 1

Download technical specifications 2


Call for applications to join the Société Générale Collection

Reserved for DNSAP 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 Beaux-Arts de Paris graduates.

Terms and Conditions

In 1995, Société Générale initiated a corporate collection that today includes more than 1,200 works,, which it hopes to develop this year by acquiring around ten works by young graduates of the Beaux-Arts de Paris. All of the works are on permanent display in the towers of La Défense as well as in the Val de Fontenay and the historic central agency located on boulevard Haussmann in Paris. The works are regularly on loan and in temporary exhibitions. The Collection is open to the general public.


- Theme: "Public Transport", the title of the next exhibition by curator Marie-Ann Yemsi, explores the increased fragility of relationships with others, with oneself and with the environment.
- Works in two dimensions desired :

  • Do not exceed 10 to 15kg for easy handling and 10 cm thick.
  • Maximum format: Maximum height 2m and maximum width 2m50
  • Report works made of materials M0 = Incombustible and non-flammable (stone, brick, cement, tile, lead, steel, slate, ceramic, plaster, concrete, glass ...)

- Free technique, no video or sound works or works requiring an electrical power supply.
- About ten laureates selected
- The creations must be original
- Endowment per laureate in the order of € 5,000, including production costs, material transfer and transfer of copyrights attached to the works transferred.


Submission of files until November 9, 2020 (midnight)

  • Applicants must submit by email a single PDF file of less than 15 MB containing :
  • a short description of the works they are submitting and their technical characteristics photos of the works
  • their contact information: Last name, first name, address, telephone, email, year of study or degree
  • their career path


A jury made up of representatives of Société Générale and the Beaux-Arts de Paris will meet in December 2020 to select the winners. The works will be integrated into the Collection and exhibited in Société Générale's La Défense premises in early 2021.


Contact for the submission of your files:


Download the call for applications (FR)