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Equality, listening unit and prevention

Charter of equality

A charter of equality between women and men was adopted by the board of directors of the Beaux-Arts de Paris on July 12, 2018. This approach is part of the action taken by the Ministry of Culture which asked the 99 artistic schools to seize these questions.


The Monitoring Unit - Beaux-Arts de Paris

As part of its policy on equality women/ men and promotion of diversity, Beaux-Arts de Paris engage in a proactive mechanism of prevention and treatment countering sexual harassment, psychological harassment and discrimination.

Thus, the school has set up a monitoring unit whose creation and missions have been approved by the different organizations: pedagogic council, hygiene committee and boards of directors.

The Monitoring Unit is attentive to any person having an activity at Beaux-Arts de Paris (staff, professors or students).

It is not a disciplinary proceeding, but a place to listen and to inform. The objective is to listen to you, with sensitivity and professionalism, without judgment in complete confidentiality.

The members of the monitoring unit can advise and support you in any proceedings.

Only the members of the Monitoring Unit, listed below, are authorized to consult messages sent to the above address.

Email :

 The Monitoring Unit is made up of seven people, including:

• 2 students

• 2 teaching staff 

• 2 administrative staff

And a equality/ anti-discrimination adviser: Laurence Petit


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