Herodotus Program

The Beaux-arts de Paris continues its commitment to refugee artists or asylum seekers who have undertaken or completed a higher education in art in their country of origin. 
This year, with the war in Ukraine, the Herodotus program has increased its capacity while maintaining a requirement of diversity, with a majority of artists from Ukraine but also from Syria, India and Russia.

The Herodotus program becomes an institutional degree.
The class of 2022-2023 is composed of 17 participants.
The students now have student status, art history courses in English, weekly follow-up by two student tutors in charge of helping them design portfolios and organizing cultural outings, and as in previous years, French as a foreign language courses and access to certain theoretical courses.


The Herodotus program is conducted by the Studies Department of Beaux-Arts de Paris, under the responsibility of Sophie Marino.



Teachers :

Jacques Jeudy
Véronique Teyssandier



Herodotus benefits from the financial support of the Friends of the Beaux-Arts of Paris