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The only way to become a student at Beaux-Arts de Paris is through the entrance exam. This takes place once a year, in the spring,  according to the calendar set by the Director of the School. Anyone who holds the baccalaureate or equivalent diploma, French or foreign, is admitted to compete.


The Beaux-Arts de Paris does not take part in the "Parcours sup" pre-admission procedure.
Candidates for admission may apply for admission to the School a maximum of three times.
The cost of participating in the admission tests is fixed by ministerial order and amounts to 53€ (exemption on proof for scholarship candidates).


Candidates of foreign nationality are subject to the general admission system. A good knowledge of the French language is recommended to enter the School; the level of mastery of the French language will be assessed by the jury during the admission interview.


Beaux-Arts de Paris expects candidates to be able to express the richness of their creative universe which is in the process of being built. As part of their application file, followed by written tests in drawing and general culture, and finally during the interview, candidates are expected to be able to demonstrate - beyond convention - their commitment, originality and artistic practice on the basis of work in progress, research projects, references or any other expression that will enable the jury to identify a singular spirit.


There are two levels of admission :

If you have any questions do not hesitate to consult the FAQ you can also use the Taiga tutorial :

Download the tutorial in pdf (FR)


The entrance examination includes, for all candidates, an admissibility test based on a dossier and, in case of admissibility, an admission test based on an interview.
For candidates entering the first year, the admission interview is accompanied by a drawing test and a compulsory culture and analysis test. Each test is eliminatory, and any candidate who fails to take one of them will be deemed to have resigned.


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