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Inhabiting the Landscape Chair : where art meets the living world

Acting on the landscape has always inspired artists.

In the modern West, from Versailles to land art, from Richard Long to Giuseppe Penone or Gloria Friedmann, artists have measured themselves against nature in very different ways, sometimes approaching it as a setting, sometimes as a cosmic manifestation or even a living energy. Today we are facing a new world state and are called upon to transform our ways of living, thinking and creating sustainably. This situation calls for an in-depth reinvention of our relationships with nature, with the living world.

To this end, with the support of Maison Dior, the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts is setting up the Inhabiting the Landscape Chair - where art meets the living world, putting it at the heart of the teaching offered. In tune with the times, this chair aims to accompany and support students and young artists who wish to engage creatively in this new pivotal field. If outdoor art has sometimes been lacking in attention to the overall context in which it is placed, this chair rather invites young artists to inhabit the landscape, creating not only on a given terrain, but with it, imagining how works can be woven into geology, history or the myriads of living beings that make and populate a place.

This is a new creative adventure. As such, it requires new artistic, intellectual and scientific tools. This is what this chair proposes to provide to students, bringing contemporary creativity into dialogue with the most recent research in social and natural sciences, organising conferences, meetings and shared works with scientists, philosophers and international artists who are radically changing our conceptions of the relationship between art and nature.


This course will award a prize that will allow its winners to create works for the landscape that express the contemporary issues of the relationship between art and nature. 


The Inhabiting the Landscape Chair - where art meets the living world is coordinated by Estelle Zhong Mengual.