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Drawing ‘XL’ Chair

Reflecting on drawing in the digital and technological age, considering the multiplicity of its statuses and manifestations in creative fields (music, dance, literature, etc.), the sciences (medicine, mathematics, etc.) and life and exploring its elusive elasticity are some of the research areas for the new Beaux-Arts de Paris Drawing ‘XL’ Chair. Taking note of the historical development of the characteristics and functions of drawing, of the fact that it has become an object of study and specific attention, this chair aims to take the discipline forward again and provide a renewed perspective on it. Showing drawing in a different light, in its entirety, its complexity and its intangibility, looking for its presence and its trace where one wouldn’t expect it, will be avenues extensively explored in the programme of conferences and workshops designed with artists and Beaux-Arts de Paris teachers. Scientists, historians, thinkers, artists and renowned creators will be invited to share their knowledge and their ways of drawing and thinking about drawing, making any attempt at a strict definition difficult, but making it possible to shed more light on what falls under the term of ‘drawing’ today. From black pencil to artificial intelligence, from the creations of the greatest artists to those of people with mental disabilities, all the possibilities of the medium will be embraced, thus providing an ever broader vision of the discipline. How, for example, and why, can music, movement and molecular or neuronal life be drawn? Taking in science, geography, the margins and everyday life to identify and enrich contemporary practices, drawing still holds plenty of surprises. 


The Drawing ‘XL’ Chair is coordinated by Barbara Soyer.