Jeremy Wafer


Jeremy Wafer
Ven, 19. octobre 2018, 15:00 h


Amphithéâtre des Loges


Jeremy Wafer is an artist and Professor of Fine Art at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa. His work engages with the politics and poetics of space and place with recent work focussing on issues of land and territory, location and dislocation, possession and dispossession. He works in both gallery and site specific work in sculpture, photography and drawing.


“I have regarded the practice of art as a form of critical enquiry, as conceptually reflective research. ¶ The first phase of work dating from the early 1980’s was directed towards reflections on repression and militarization in South Africa. The dominant theme in this series of works in sculpture, drawing and photography was that of the ‘border’ understood as a political, geographical and psychological barrier. ¶ A new phase of work became evident around 1994 with a series of works which attempted to integrate aspects of African sculpture into a broadly post minimalist sculptural style. This work is characterised by rhythmic patterns of surface intensification and by the use of natural materials deriving from indigenous healing practices. ¶ Starting in the early 2000’s, my work has been largely focused on issues of land and territory, themes of location and dislocation, of possession and dispossession. I have been interested here in investigating the ways in which the meanings of place and site are produced within specific personal and political histories and conditions and the ways in which sculpture, photography and other artistic processes may be used also. I have used photography as a tool to record and document […] a mode of working in a systematic way more characteristic of scientific processes than of ‘art’ photography.”