Director of the Programme La Seine

For the 2012 school year, Tony Brown joins Guillaume Paris for the creation of a new workshop called Atelier Parallèle. His program, Shape-Shifting, is attentive to the profound societal, cultural, technological and economic changes taking place ... Eager to capture, to experiment and to think the multiplicity of possible presents,
Shape-Shifting focuses on practices that are marginal or on the borders of established disciplines, and the question of their interfaces, in an perspective inclusive to both tradition and change. Going from transdisciplinarity and multiculturalism to a possible multidisciplinarity and transculturalism, one could thus summarize the working hypothesis of the Atelier Parallèle/Shape-Shifting.

Born in England in 1952, Tony Brown has dual Canadian and British citizenship. He has been teaching at the École since 1992 and running the École’s Programme La Seine since 2002. After training at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax, and Concordia University in Montreal, where he has also taught, he became an assistant professor of history and art theory, then assistant and associate professor of multimedia at the University of Ottawa. In the last decade Tony Brown elaborated an approach that might be termed installation sculpture. His most recent works reflect a new orientation: they are architectural interventions, and multiples and video installations, often around themes drawn from film, architecture and popular culture.Tony Brown has had solo shows of his work in galleries and museums in France and abroad. His works are part of many public collections — Winnipeg Art Gallery in Manitoba, the National Gallery of Canada, the Fonds Nationald’Art Contemporain and the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Nantes — and also many private ones.