Pascale Marthine TAYOU
Artistic Practice Department

“The basic outline of my teaching consists of a scenario where fiction strikes reality, an itinerary of a long trip into heart of the universe of forms. It will be all about finding answers to answers and the questioning starting from questions. The question is problematic where the questioning is to become a visual solution. The Closed Circle of Mutation of the Conscience between Individuals (MBCI) is the cornerstone of the rebirth of a new kind of human. As a concept it is formal, virtual, existential, visual and finally plastic, concrete and it is in this way that I have experienced it over the past 20 years as concerns my own various artistic productions in my atelier or in my exhibitions and conferences throughout the world. The live atelier sessions will come to establish a fusion of the energies as a finality of pure creation. To create is to throw oneself in the void that surrounds the borders of the unknown, it is to fly over the hellish setting, which leads to paradise, it is to celebrate the erasure by scraping the razor blades filled walls, it is trying to escape the past by accumulating the pages of an ephemeral future. To create is to construct a life in a system eternally morbid because refusing to die is above all to not play at being alive. My ateliers will therefore be wedding halls, birth rooms, spaces for delivery, for breastfeeding and … divorce. An open window on the axes of good and evil touch us a laboratory where scenes of life are as real as they are false, where every actor plays out his own human part on a film-set … where creation is like procreation of our own destiny. A mother’s or a father’s role does not function exactly as a bar code; it is a notion which is acquired through life itself, it is the experience of doing and redoing. There is no point in doing Art the way as it is defined either here or there, but to live the time of form and forms in the space of action and life …”

Pascale Marthine Tayou was born in Yaoundé, Cameroon in 1967. His work is always closely bound to the idea of travel and by the idea of what lies within us, and is so spontaneous that is may seem almost fortuitous. The objects, sculptures, installations, drawings and videos produced by Pascale Marthine Tayou all have one characteristic in common: they evoke the idea of an individual who travels the world while simultaneously exploring the concept of the global village.
He has contributed to a large number of exhibitions and international artistic events such as the Documenta 11 (2002), the Istanbul Biennial (2003), Lyon (2005), Venice (2005 and 2009). He has exposed at the MACRO in Rome (2004 and 2012), at the S.M.A.K. (Ghent, Belgium 2004), at the Milton Keynes Gallery (UK, 2007), in Malmö (Sweden, 2010), at the MAC Lyon (2011), at the MUDAM (2011), and the Louvre Museum (Paris, 2011). He has participated in collective exhibitions such as Beyond the Borders, the Kwandju Biennial (South Korea, 1995), the Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris (2001), La Force de l’Art (2006), Altermodern (Tate Triennial, 2009), Attraction! (Le Centquatre, 2010).