Dominique GAUTHIER
Artistic Practice Department

“The point is to teach and think about painting in the realm of art and contemporary society as a voluntary, responsible act rather than the introverted exercise of a sheltered practice. Each image establishes a relationship with the world, a response, accent or anticipation that needs to be constantly remobilized in the present and the real world. Painting, which guarantees a history of the visible and associated problematics, integrates and mixes with the new visual economies and practices. It is qualitatively close to them; consequently, the way it is taught will be verified and questioned in relation to them. Practical work in the studio is an open, active experience, where diversity of approaches and interchange is constantly encouraged, and the links with other spheres of activity at the École will ensure the best possible display of creativity. What we experiment with here is the fragile existential tool of determination.”

Born in 1953 in Paris, Dominique Gauthier lives and works in the Hérault. He has been teaching at the École since 2000. After his first solo show in 1978 in Germany, he exhibited at the CAPC in Bordeaux (1979), the Galerie Fournier in Paris (1981), the Centre Pompidou (1982), the Fondation Cartier (1987) and in several museums and art centers in France. He has executed public commissions for the Lycée Mermoz in Montpellier and the Cité Rodenbach in Brussels.
Presently, in connection with the crucial exercise of form and form installation, the artwork is conceived as an idea, a response to structuring thoughts and techniques wherein mobility is affirmed as a consecutive axis.
In 2005 the artist realized several works out of doors: at the Château de Castries, a tribute to the architect Le Nôtre, and at the Musée of Collioure, a tribute to Matisse. In 2008 he completed a commission for the Musée d’Art Moderne, Céret; later in that year, a retrospective show in Turin and Luxembourg and a solo show entitled À cent mètres du centre du monde in Perpignan, Valencia (Spain) and at the Galerie des Filles du Calvaire, Paris. In 2010 and 2011, solo shows of his work were held at the Musée d’Art Moderne, Céret; Arts Santa Monica, Barcelona; Villa Tamaris, Seyne-sur-Mer; and Verksmidjen, Iceland. In 2012 an exhibition of his work entitled 10 ans de peintures 2001-2011 will be held at the Villa Tamaris, Toulon, and the Fondation Gulia, Lake Como, Italy. Publication of a new monograph: Opéras 2001-2011.

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Publication of a monograph, text of Robert Bonaccorsi and Bernard Marcelis. Editions Analogues.