Artistic Practice Department

“This studio aims to develop students’ thinking and practice through intensive, concrete experimentation that will involve comparing the approaches of all students regardless of year of study and make use of art history and the immediate environment of the artworks being made. There will be approximately 20 hangings during the year. Each student will present to the group a piece of his/her own work that he or she considers finished, be it old or new. The aim is to test the readability of the propositions put forward in the heterogeneity of the studio, to engage discussion that will enable us to (better) understand what is operative in the work, motivations and influences, and for students to learn to handle the limits of their individual technical and material abilities in time; that is, consistent with the class meeting schedule.
A different student will be responsible each time for exhibiting studio members’ work in the studio or École galleries. It will be up to him or her to suggest a direction to the group and design the hanging in response to the answers received.
Creators present their pieces, which will then be debated one by one. Students will find information about works presented and works mentioned during class sessions on a private internet site reserved for the studio.
Students enroll in my studio for a maximum of 2 years to preserve encounter dynamics and viewpoint singularity.”
For more information on Claude Closky’s work, see (nb: only 2 w’s).