Programme SACRe, Science, Art, Creation, Research

Programme SACRe, Science, Art, Creation, Research

The National School of Fine Arts (école nationale supérieure des beaux-arts), associate member of the reseach universtiy PSL Paris Arts and Sciences (, inaugurates in the fall of 2012 a three year programme of doctoral research in arts, research and practice (ARP). The research programme aims to form promising young artists who have already worked independently.

The artists admitted to the ARP course will form part of the doctoral programme SACRe, Science, Art, Creation, Research, put in place in the fall of 2012 within the PSL. The programme of SACRe is the result of a collaboration of the National School of Fine Arts, the École Normale Supérieure, the National School of Decorative Arts (Ensad), the National Conservatory of Music and Dance of Paris (Cnsmdp) and the National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts (Cnsad). SACRe has set itself the goal to develop new fields of research for the practising artist by exploring the interface between different art forms, as well as between the arts and the sciences (exact sciences as well as the social sciences).

The complete course for the young artists or the theoretical researchers takes three years, and consists, on the one hand, of a shared programme with the other doctoral students from the various artistic disciplines or from the exact or social sciences, and on the other hand, of a programme specific to each school, which, in the case of the National School of Fine Arts (Ensba), is the ARP (Art, Research and Practice).

In 2012 – 2013, four doctoral students in the plastic arts will start the SACRe and ARP courses. They have been selected by a jury made up by the members of the graduate school of the ENS and the five institutions that partner the SACRe, after a first selection organised by the ENSBA.
Two doctoral students will benefit from a doctoral contract for a period of three years (36 months).
The two other doctoral students may obtain financial support from the ENSBA. The four doctoral students will be enrolled in ED 540, the graduate school of the Ens. They will have access to whatever technical and logistical assistance the Ensba and the Sacr e can provide.

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