Doctoral research program

L’École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts, associate member of the PSL (Paris Sciences et Lettres - - Paris Research University of Sciences and Humanities) proposes since 2015 a 3rd year doctoral program entitled ARP (Art, Research and Practice). The ARP is a 3 year research program and has as stated objective to form young but experienced high level visual artists.

Visual artists admitted to the ARP program will be integrated in a course leading up to a doctorate within the framework of SACRe, Sciences, Art, Creation and Research. This program, at the centre of the PSL, was established in September 2012.

The SACRe course is the result of a collaboration between the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts (Ensba) and the École normale supérieure (Ens), the École nationale supérieure des Arts décoratifs (Ensad), the École nationale supérieure de l’image et du son (Fémis), the Conservatoire nationale supérieure de musique et de danse de Paris (Cnsmdp), and the Conservatoire national supérieur d’art dramatique (Cnsad). SACRe has the ambition to develop new domaines of research in various fields of artistic endeavor while at the same time exploring the interfaces that exist between the various arts, as well as between the arts and the sciences (the exact sciences as much as the human and social sciences).

The complete 3 year course for young artists or research theorists is consists in one part of a program shared by all of the SACRe’s PhD students from the various artistic fields or the exact, humanistic and social sciences, and on the other of each school’s specific program (the ARP program as concerns the Ensba). The successful completion of this course leads to a doctorate in art.

In 2014 – 15, three new PhD artists in art joined the SACRe and ARP course. They were chosen by a jury composed of members of the ENS doctoral school 540 and the five other educational establishments who are partners in the SACRe program, after a first selection organized by the Ensba. Two PhD artists receive a doctoral contract for a period of three years (36 months). The two other ones can apply for financial support from the Ensba.

All PhD artists, ten for the year starting in the fall of 2014, are enrolled in ED 540, the graduate school of the Ens. They will have access to all the technical and logistical resources the Ensba and the SACRe has on offer.