5th-year seminars

The purpose of the 5th-year seminars is for advanced students to be confronted with and respond to multiple points of view in the crucial year of preparation for the Dnsap degree examination. The seminars include both theory and experimentation, in order to help students further develop research and analytical methods that they can apply and use in their own creative work.
Taught by recognized specialists from the artistic, cultural and academic worlds, the seminars are a complement to studio work and provide students with a different way of viewing that work.


Jacques Aumont
Daniel Dobbels
Elie During
Jean-Yves Jouannais
Patricia Ribault

Course Units (CUs)

Force of the image I
Force of the image II
Dance and the visual arts I
Dance and the visual arts II
Why do we have concepts? I
Why do we have concepts? II
Atelier obsidional I
Atelier obsidional II
Mètis and Technè I
Mètis and Technè I