Digital Technologies Section

The Digital Technology Section includes training in particular techniques, teaching activities and all the École’s considerable new technology resources.
It has its own dedicated spaces: classrooms, photography laboratory, a video-shooting set, photo and sound studios, an equipment loan office, and a free-access computer room.
The section’s activities cover 6 fields: photography, video, sound, computer imagery, interactivity and web design.

1st-year students must take two compulsory general training courses:
• Digital art and environment
• Desktop publishing

After 1st year, these technologies are taught in connection with the artistic work the student is doing in the studio and are organized along the following lines:

- Digital technology training, validated as UCTNs (Unité de Cours Technique Numérique),
designed to provide students the know-how required to carry out projects they have developed conceptually with the studio professor.
These CUs are also aimed at opening up perspectives, suggesting intersections, and facilitating technique mixing.

- Digital productions, validated as UCPNs
(Unité de Cours Production Numérique), designed to enable students to realize projects that make use of the know-how acquired in UCTN training modules while benefiting from regular technical assistance. Students enroll in digital production modules at the beginning of each semester.

Follow-up sessions
Hours with instructors for assisting students with their projects and keeping track of their progress will be scheduled throughout the school year (see schedule).
All Digital Technology Section spaces and schedules, as well as up-to-date information on the operation of the section, are  available at

Digital Technologies Section Head

Vincent Rioux

Permanent instructors

Monique Bonaldi
Farid Boulechlouche
David Chantreux
Julie Courel
Sabine Dizel
Frédéric Latouche
Bernard Mailly
Christophe Thouvenot
Valérie Poifol
Christian Ruault

Participating instructors

Cyrille Blaise
Thomas Brosset
Thomas Chéneseau
Aurore Deligny
Véronika Doszla
Pascal Goblot
Emmanuel Guez
Fred Guzda
Raphël Isdant
Benoît Labourdette
Vincent Lambert
Camille Lapelerie
Christophe Lemaître
Juliette Marchand
Dominique Moulon
K. Peyghamy Payram
Flavia Tavares
Jean-François Thomelin
Olivier Waissmann
Jean-Noël Yven