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In this section, bookmaking is handled in the widest possible terms as a set of operations that will produce a publication. In the aluminum photo-etching, lithography, silkscreen printing and engraving studios, students invest the domain of publication in terms of their own artistic concerns and interests; they develop a project that integrates different facets of printing and adapt the medium they have chosen to their particular artistic projects.
Section courses are organized on a semester basis, but students are required to spend at least one academic year in the practice chosen; i.e., two consecutive semesters. Regular attendance is strictly required so that students can produce a finished publication related to their overall artistic undertaking.
Each of the three teachers has developed his own relation to bookmaking and printing; the section thus offers varied approaches. The professors organize the section jointly, but each student chooses one section teacher as reference professor on the basis of his or her overall project.

For credit purposes, Printmaking-Bookmaking CUs count as Technical Skills CUs.

After consultation with the student’s artistic practice studio professor, it is determined whether the Printmaking-Bookmaking section’s artistic practices will be major or complementary in student’s obtention of the degree. In all cases, section courses must engage student’s critical thinking about the status of the printed work and the relation between bookmaking techniques and other media.

From their 3rd year on, students can choose to enrol with a Printmaking-Bookmaking professor as their reference artistic practice studio.


Wernher Bouwens
Patrick Devreux
Aurélie Pagès

Course Units (CUs)

Alugraphy I
Alugraphy II
Etching I
Etching II
Lithography I
Lithography II
Experimental matrixes
Editorial practice I
Editorial practice II
Serigraphy I
Serigraphy I