Drawing Section

Drawing is considered a basic skill and study essential to studio practice. As an account of what is or has been seen, an analytic tool, an instrument for further reflection, a blueprint or project to be materialized in the future, the drawing either plays a  fundamental role in the conception and design of an art work, whether it be a painting, sculpture, video (story board), or is itself a work of art.

The five drawing professors offer quite varied approaches: analytic drawing from models, drawing from the imagination, experimental drawing around marks, traces, imprints, signs, writing.

Drawing courses are compulsory. 1st-year students choose one year-long course (2 consecutive semesters) from among the six offered; 2nd-year students choose another year-long course from the remaining 5.


James Bloedé
Philippe Comar (coordinator)
Gilgian Gelzer
Bernard Moninot
Valérie Sonnier

Course Units (CUs)

Drawing from live models I
Drawing from live models II
Explorers I
Explorers II
Inventors I
Inventors II
Lifeline I
Lifeline II
Gray Matter I
Gray Matter II
Morphology I
Morphology II
Drawing “visits” I
Drawing “visits” II
Advanced drawing I
Advanced drawing II