Departement Matter/Space

The Technical Skills Department offers a full, rich set of courses for training students in creative techniques, in addition to the new technology modules offered by the Digital Technologies Section. Starting in 2nd year and depending on personal projects, students and their studio professors choose courses taught in specific studios or technical workshops.
Mastering these creative techniques requires students’ complete, steady commitment, which begins with regular attendance.

Five studios—ceramics, forging, composite materials, mosaics and stonecutting-woodcutting—will be set up in a new space in Saint-Ouen. Students enrolled in these studios will have access to well-adapted spaces in a professional and urban environment conducive to artistic creation.

Cap Saint-Ouen, 5 rue Paul-Bert,
93400 Saint-Ouen

Metro: Porte de Clignancourt or Garibaldi
Bus RATP: 56, 137, PC 3, 85, 540, 166, 255,
Bus Noctilien N 14, N 44


Pascale Accoyer
Patrice Alexandre (coordinator)
Götz Arndt
Philippe Bennequin
James Bloedé
Philippe Renault
Fabrice Vannier (coordinator)

Teaching technicians

Jérémy Berton
Gérard Delangle
Claude Dumas
Carole Leroy
Michel Salerno

Course Units (CUs)

Analyzing artworks I
Analyzing artworks II
Foundry work
Fresco painting I
Fresco painting II
Modeling I
Modeling II
Mosaics I
Mosaics II
Moldmaking and casting I
Moldmaking and casting II
Stonecutting-woodcutting I
Stonecutting-woodcutting II
Matter/Space - autonomous work
Matter/Space - in situ work
Painting techniques I
Painting techniques II

Course Units (CUs)

Ceramics I
Ceramics II
Forging I
Forging II
Composite materials I
Composite materials II
Metalworking I
Metalworking II