Language Department

The École’s Language Department, which opened in Fall 2006, offers German, English, Spanish, Italian and Japanese courses, as well as French as a Foreign Language (FLE).

The flourishing development of international exchanges means that students must now be able to speak several languages.

Foreign language study is compulsory for ENSBA students at all levels and throughout their studies.

These courses also align École curricula with European Union study program requirements.
French as a Foreign Language or FLE courses are for regularly enrolled non-Francophone students and exchange students. They are compulsory for regularly enrolled non-Francophone students, who must acquire strong skills in French to be able to follow
theoretical study courses, communicate in their studio, and explain how they proceed artistically, particularly to oral examination committees during degree exams.


June Allen
Daniela Capone
Jacques Caro
Damian Corcoran
Jacques Jeudy
Adoka Niitsu
Christel Parisse
David Reckford
Jeff Rian
Mark Robertson
Anke Späth
Laura Teruggi
Véronique Teyssandier

Course Units (CUs)

Beginning German I
Beginning German II
Intermediate German I
Intermediate German II
Advanced German I
Advanced German II
Beginning English I
Beginning English II
Intermediate English I
Intermediate English II
Advanced English I
Advanced English II
Beginning Spanish I
Beginning Spanish II
Intermediate Spanish I
Intermediate Spanish II
Advanced Spanish I
Advanced Spanish II
Beginning Italian I
Beginning Italian II
Intermediate/Advanced Italian I
Intermediate/Advanced Italian II
Beginning French-as-a-foreign-language (FLE) I
Beginning FLE II
Intermediate FLE I
Intermediate FLE II
Advanced FLE I
Advanced FLE II