Artistic Pratice Catalog

Artistic Practice Department

The Artistic Practice Department is made up of 26 studios run by École faculty members, all renowned artists. The studio is a space for practice, experimentation, creation; also for debate, exchange and critique.

And at certain moments of the year — student evaluations and graduation — it becomes an exhibition space.

Students must enroll in an Artistic Practice studio each and every semester. First-year and other new students are encouraged to meet with several studio artist-professors at the beginning of the school year before choosing their studio, with studio professor’s agreement. Students may remain in the same studio throughout the five years or change studios depending on the direction their work is taking and with the agreement of the professors in charge.

The studio is both a physical and mental space for art training. Students of all levels—first to fifth year—cohabit in it, usually practicing pluridisciplinary creation techniques. Studio teaching methods combine personalized attention and the collective dimension of exchange; the aim is to foster students’ individual commitment to their art by helping them gradually to construct a personal artistic language. Theoretical, critical and technical knowledge and know-how intersect and mutually enrich students’ art work while helping each to situate himself or herself within a network of meanings and interpretations.

Interstudio relations are developed through joint temporary hangings and critique sessions, which increase opportunities for dialogue and nourish students’ thinking. Often studio  professors invite other artists to the studio. Studio groups may also travel abroad, usually to one of the École’s partner art schools. Studio professors also organize conferences and develop collective exhibition projects in collaboration with other institutions.
These experiences give students opportunities to tackle the matters of positioning their creations in space, communication, diffusion and publication.

Studio professors

Jean-Michel Alberola
François Boisrond
Tony Brown
Marie-José Burki
Jean-Marc Bustamante
Elsa Cayo
Claude Closky
Patrick Faigenbaum
Sylvie Fanchon (coordinator)
Dominique Figarella
Dominique Gauthier
Ann Veronica Janssens
Tadashi Kawamata
Guillaume Paris
Marc Pataut (coordinator)
Bernard Piffaretti
Éric Poitevin
James Rielly
Anne Rochette
Emmanuel Saulnier
Nathalie Talec
Djamel Tatah
Pascale Marthine Tayou
Patrick Tosani

Course Units (CUs)

CU Studio 1
CU Studio 2
CU Studio 3
CU Studio 4
CU Studio 5
CU Studio 6
CU Studio 7
CU Studio 8
CU Studio 9
CU Studio 10