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Album à colorier 4

This colouring book is based on 24 works by Claude Closky, artist and head of the Beaux-Arts de Paris studio since 2005.


Born in 1963, Claude Closky observes, reclassifies, combines, accumulates, cuts out, assembles, glues, draws, photographs... the infraordinary.


From the simplest drawings - made with a biro and a sheet of paper - to video, photography, collage, painting or audio supports, but also publishing or websites, it is with a great eclecticism of means that he creates shifts and grips the mechanisms that are too well oiled.


The colouring book is completed by a biography and an interview with Claude Closky, who discusses his artistic career with the art critic Anaël Pigeat.


This album will provide a superb rendering for "budding artists".


An original creation of the Beaux-Arts de Paris, the colouring books call on the talent of the school's teachers and artists. Each album consists of full-page reproductions of works to be coloured and is introduced by an interview with an art critic. They allow you to discover the pleasure of creation with the expertise and teaching methods of the Beaux-Arts de Paris.


Original graphic design by Johanna Himmelsbach


ISBN : 9782840568605

14,50 €

56 pages

210 x 290 mm