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Album à colorier 2

Textes by Anaël Pigeat

This colouring book is made from twenty-four paintings by Nina Childress, teacher at Beaux-Arts de Paris.

Her practice took shape in the early 1980s within the group the Frères Ripoulin, as part of the Libres Figurations exhibition. She has developed patterns combining abstraction and figurative art.

The colouring album includes a biography and interview with Nina Childress in which she tells art critic Anaël Pigeat how and when she decided to become an artist. It allows us to appropriate her artistic universe while giving “technical” information on how to approach drawing and colouring.

This book will be particularly appreciated by "budding artists”.


ISBN 978-2-84056-801-8        
Sales price €14,50
21,5 × 29 cm 
40 pages