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Essais et traités anatomiques

Texts by Patrick Mauriès, Corinne Le Bitouzé and Anne-Marie Garcia.

The anatomical plates produced by Jacques-Fabien Gautier d'Agoty (1711-1785) have fascinated historians and art lovers, as much as doctors and surgeons, since their publication in the 18th century. Beaux-Arts de Paris is bringing out the first new edition of the famous plates from Gautier d’Agoty’s most important treatises.

A mezzotint engraver, Gautier d'Agoty was an enthusiast of the reproduction of works of art, science and anatomy. He developed four-colour printing for his paintings that were "in colour & life size", giving his prints an undeniable beauty. L’ange de l’anatomie (the angel of anatomy), as Gautier d’Agoty is known, has since become a reference for artists. The surrealists celebrated his myology which, for them, represented "convulsive beauty" and "visceral splendour".

The treatises – ‘Complete Myology’, ‘The Anatomy of the Head’, ‘General Anatomy of the Viscera’, ‘Hermaphrodites’ and ‘The Anatomical Exhibition of the Structure of the Human Body’ - have been reproduced in their entirety: sixty-eight full-page colour plates accompanied by updated versions of their captions.


ISBN 978-2-84056-769-1
Sales price €39
Colored illustrations - Broché
24,5 × 32 cm
276 pages