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Les maquettes : microcosmes imaginaires

Teenagers workshop - Models: imaginary microcosms

Détail du cours

The model is a small world, it is a reduced place but which models a space which authorizes all kinds of fantasies and overflow. It is a place of projections where everything could become, where fiction can be inserted, where the impossible can become possible.

The objective of this workshop is to allow students to work from the dimension of drawing (through sketching or planning), to that of the model and its coloring.

In a second phase, students will be led to travel and explore the recesses of their imagination. Working from the memory of a place that is important to them, they will be able to transform it, restrict it and alter it so that it becomes, through the model, their own world.


Photo credits: Maxime Verdier


Maxime Verdier de 10h à 12h et de 13h à 16h

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practical information

Next dates :

4 July to 8 July 2022

Level :

All levels

Prerequisite :

13-16 years

Duration :

1 semaine

Prices* :

Stage de 25h du lundi au vendredi
Prix : 400 €

Site :

Salle de séminaire, 14 rue Bonaparte, Paris 6e

* Tarifs réduits sur justificatif pour les étudiants -26 ans, les demandeurs d’emploi et boursiers