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MOSAICS, the secret is lost


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MOSAICS, the secret is lost

This is how Gustave Flaubert defined these stone and glass structures in his Dictionnaire des idées reçues*. Thanks to the initiation provided by the New Academy of Amateurs, we will disprove this commonplace of the 19th century, by delivering you some secrets as for the conception and the of your personal project, in order to realize a mosaic of today.

"Mosaics"; if this term designates artistic, decorative, artisanal techniques, which can be related to any surface related to architecture (pavement, wall, ceiling, vault, column, bench, bath, baptistery, tombs, frontages...) and with the object (casket, table, ciborium, tabernacle, handles of dagger and votive shield...), it also qualifies portable works of reduced dimensions. These mosaics, known as "of easel", emancipate themselves from the place which they are likely to make live and find following the example of the painting, their own.
It is this type of mosaics, that you can realize by covering discontinuous elements, cut (tesserae) with appropriate tools (hammer, pliers ...), a given surface, previously prepared in for this purpose.
*Posthumous publication in Paris, 1913.

The pedagogy, within this workshop, is resolutely oriented towards the adaptation of the mosaic to innovative artistic proposals. artistic proposals. It is nourished by the history of these techniques, the links that unite it to other disciplines and the influence it has on the creation of major artists.



Théo Krieffrom 10am to 12pm and from 1pm to 4pm

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Next dates :

19 July to 23 July 2021

Level :

All levels

Prerequisite :

+ 16 years

Duration :

1 week

Prices* :

25 hour courses from Monday to Friday
Prix : 700 € /420 €

Site :

Atelier Mosaïque

* Reduced rates for students under 26 years, job seekers and scholarship holders, upon presentation of a receipt.