New Amateurs Academy (NABA)

Intensive courses NABA

To join the Nouvelle Académie des Amateurs des Beaux-Arts:

Summer at the Beaux-Arts de Paris, an artistic immersion for teenagers and adult amateurs...

This year, in July 2021, NABA offered 21 five-day workshops. More than 180 academics joined the School of Fine Arts to learn or improve their skills in mosaic, modeling, life drawing, landscape painting, model painting, storyboarding ...

These summer courses, lasting one week from Monday to Friday from 10am to 4pm, attract beginners and advanced students from 16 years old and allow each one to experiment a creative sense, according to an approach adapted to his personality. All classes are led by experienced and certified teachers.

This summer, NABA 13/16 brought together a community of 23 teenagers from 13 to 16 years old to discover digital photography, storyboarding, painting, portraiture... guided by young artists who graduated from the Beaux-Arts.

Stay tuned, the next 2022 program will be available in March and registration will begin in June 2022.