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TEENS Introduction to storyboarding

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Learn about storyboarding and its applications.

During the workshops, 13 - 16 year olds will learn the key concepts of sequential storytelling: targeting the key moments of an action in order to transcribe a scene, creating meaning from a sequence of images, composing an image, creating characters and environments to support the narrative.

The storyboard, used in communication, entertainment or design, is a key element to transcribe a scenario. By dividing an action into several drawings, one can tell a story as well as explain the use of an object.

Through a wide range of disciplines and artistic practices, students will discover the key concepts of storyboarding (cutting, rhythm, composition...) and its applications. They will work on projects that are important to them: comics, films, photo novels, video games, etc. and will be able to develop and share their own practice within the group.



Marie Barros le samedi de 14h à 16h

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Next dates :

6 December to 12 March 2022

Level :


Prerequisite :

13-16 years

Duration :

12 weeks

Prices* :

Prix : Tarif réduit : 240€

Site :

Salle de séminaire, 14 rue Bonaparte, Paris 6e

* Reduced rates for students under 26 years, job seekers and scholarship holders, upon presentation of a receipt.