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Represent the human body through dynamic exercises and games, sometimes using one's own body as a model. To sharpen one's sense of observation and to go beyond, to learn morphological drawing as a means of expression.

Through games and quick exercises, adapted to 13-16 year olds, learn to transcribe a reality in volume using two-dimensional drawing. To grasp the volume of the body and its potential for movement, its occupation of space (e.g. short poses between 5 and 10 minutes, drawing from a model without looking at the paper, drawing the outline of the body).

Learn anatomical proportions through comparisons and observations of one's own body and that of a live model. More specifically the hands and feet, explore their symbolic function in the history of art. Acquiring flexibility of gesture while drawing is one of the main objectives, the idea being to enlarge the format to reach scale 1 at the end of the session.

At each session, the class is introduced by a 10 to 15 minute discussion around a photo of a work, historical or contemporary, allowing students to build up some references.


Photo: Adrien Thibault


Tereza Lochman le samedi de 10h à 12h

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Next dates :

6 December to 12 March 2022

Level :

All levels

Prerequisite :

13-16 years

Duration :

12 weeks

Prices* :

Prix : Tarif réduit* : 240€

Site :

Atelier des Loges, 14 rue Bonaparte, Paris 6e

* Reduced rates for students under 26 years, job seekers and scholarship holders, upon presentation of a receipt.