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Dessin/Peinture : En quête d’imaginaire

Drawing/Painting : In search of the imaginary

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It often starts with closing our eyes and slowly falling into the abyss of our being. Landscapes unfold, they seem familiar and foreign at the same time, the landscape changes and recombines itself by our will. Inside, its inhabitants seem like chimeras or monsters that metamorphose in front of us; everything is possible there, and that is what is fabulous. 

Through this course, you will be invited to become an explorer and to travel through your imagination by painting or drawing with various subjects. The aim of these multiple sessions is to develop our ability to transform reality, through the filter of our imagination, but also to create through the space of the canvas or the sheet of paper, a place from which to weave and unweave thoughts between the world and the human understanding. 

Through technical and theoretical support, but also by providing multiple artistic references, both classical and contemporary, you will be able to deepen this vast creative research.


Photos: Maxime Verdier


Maxime Verdier le vendredi de 19h à 21h

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Next dates :

12 September to 3 December 2022

Level :

All levels

Prerequisite :

+ 16 years

Duration :

12 weeks

Prices* :

Prix : plein tarif 408€ / tarif réduit : 264€

Site :

Atelier des Loges, 14 rue Bonaparte, Paris 6e

* Reduced rates for students under 26 years, job seekers and scholarship holders, upon presentation of a receipt.