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Drawing, morphology advanced

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Analyse the forms, from a live model. To understand the bone structure, the muscular mechanics, the tissues and the articulations, in order to be able to arrange each of the forms of the human body in relation to the others, in a harmonious way. This discipline allows for an in-depth approach to the human body. This course is aimed at students who have already acquired a good command of drawing.

The proposed course is based on three axes:

  • Structuring, thanks to the graphic analysis of volumes, muscular and fatty masses.
  • To understand each of the small volumes, hollows, furrows, folds, and protrusions that make up our body, and consequently, to arrange each of these forms in an intelligent and credible way, one in relation to the other,
  • To nuance, to reflect: to awaken both the eye and the mind to nuances, to flows, to what is in suspense. To achieve a certain balance between technique and emotion, between something very logical and reasoned on the one hand and something entirely intuitive, indefinable on the other.


Maja Wisniewska le lundi de 19h à 21h

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Next dates :

12 September to 3 December 2022

Level :

Advanced - mastery of the fundamentals required

Prerequisite :

+ 16 years

Duration :

12 weeks

Prices* :

Prix : plein tarif 408€ / tarif réduit : 264€

Site :

Amphi de morphologie, 14 rue Bonaparte, Paris 6e

* Reduced rates for students under 26 years, job seekers and scholarship holders, upon presentation of a receipt.