Curator in charge: Alice Thomine-Berrada

The Ecole is decorated by pieces of sculpture and sculpture (among them the portal of the Château d’Anet in Normandy by Philibert de l’Orme) from Alexandre Lenoir’s Museum, which protected medieval and Renaissance monuments from the vandalism of the Revolution. Considered throughout the 19th century as both the continuation of this museum and as an educational museum, the Ecole received numerous relics of historic Paris, some of the furniture from the Royal Academy and collections of coins, medals, sculptures and antique maquettes, originals or mouldings. The sculpture students Rude, David d’Angers and Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux, all awarded prizes by the Ecole, were sensitive to the antique models that were presented to them. Another source of inspiration was proposed to sculptors: anatomy. Around Houdon's masterpiece, The Flayed Man, in bronze, a gallery of anatomical sculptures, notably the collection of the animalier sculptor Barye, illustrate the dialogue between art and science. In all, it numbers 600 art objects, 600 architectural and sculpture elements, nearly 15,000 medals and around 3,700 sculptures.