Curator in charge: Anne-Marie Garcia

The collection is made up of some 100,000 prints on sheet paper, from the 16th to 19th century, classified by theme or by artist and of about the same numer of works divided into bound series, stitched and mixed with books. This group is exemplary of print production in France, the northern countries and Italy. It has been built up essentially from donations and legacies: wood engravings and chiaroscuro prints from the Masson collection, some 25,000 engravings of ornament and architecture from the Lesoufaché collection, numerous caricatures by Gavarni and Daumier from the Wasset collection, the complete works by Théodore Géricault from the Armand-Valton collection, several hundred engravings by Dürer from the Gatteaux collection, as well a very wide range of artists from the Schoelcher and Cloquet collections. A contemporary collection has been growing over the years, thanks to gifts by artists and teachers, as well as donations and purchases: the Bal des Quat’z-arts and May 68 are well represented.