Curator in charge: Anne-Marie Garcia

The photography collection is estimated at around 70,000 proofs and negatives, mostly dating from the period 1850-1914, thus covering the fundamentals of the history of photography in the 19th century. It is made up of donations, legacies and acquisitions. Architecture dominates the holding, which also includes numerous reproductions of paintings, sculpture and prints depicting France, Italy, Greece, the Mediterranean basin, the Far East, United States, etc. Here one finds the great names Atget, Alinari, Baldus, Bonfils, Caneva, Durandelle, Marville… Photographs by Duchenne de Boulogne, Albert Londe and Paul Richer, originating from the morphology department, make up an exceptional group of scientific photographs. Over the past few years, this collection has been enriched by important donations of contemporary photography: Vasco Ascolini, Bruno Cattani, Bogdan Konopka, Daniel Lebée, Yvette Troispoux.