Drawing Master

Curator in charge: Emmanuelle Brugerolles

The Ecole’s collection of Old Master drawings was built up around the drawing collection of the Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture, and enlarged progressively through the generous donations it has received. Gathering almost 20,000 works, this immense body reunites all schools – French, Italian, Northern – and all periods from the Renaissance to today, and contains names as prestigious as Veronese, Primaticcio, Jacques Bellange, Michelangelo, Le Brun, Poussin, Claude Lorrain, Dürer, Rembrandt, Ingres, Boucher, Alechinsky, etc. Jean Masson, Jacques-Edouard Gatteaux, Joseph Lesoufaché and Mathias Polakovits, to whom it owes some of its finest pieces, have thus become part of the history of this institution.

Drawings linked to teaching: these drawings, done by teachers or pupils, show their work after life models or the antique, as well as from various special competitions concerning perspective (created in 1813), anatomy (instituted in 1855), history and archaeology (set up around 1828-29) and ornament (begun in 1873). An important group of prizes (Bridan, Fry, Fortin d’Ivry, Charles Huguier, Jules and Clarisse Talrich, Léon Heuzey, Jauvin d’Attainville, …) and of tracings linked to the Prix de Rome complete this very full panorama of the training received by artists at the Ecole. Abolished in 1968, the Prix de Rome has been replaced by other awards, notably for drawing by the Prix Mouflet created in 1981. Since 1999, the prizes of the drawing foundation, supplemented by donations by the Ecole’s professors, are the guarantors of this record of contemporary drawing. These enlargements, essential for the life of the Ecole’s collections, continue today.