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Transition écologique/ Les Beaux-Arts de Paris & La Réserve des Arts

Ecological transition: The Beaux-Arts de Paris are committed

The School continues its ecological transition and confirms its commitment by joining LA RÉSERVE DES ARTS (LRDA).

This non-profit association collects and valorizes the waste of the cultural sector. Once in their warehouse, the materials are recycled, cleaned, de-identified, and find a second life with the 9,000 members, 50% of whom are students. Membership in LRDA allows students, teachers and staff of the Beaux-Arts de Paris to become members for a symbolic 1€ and thus access to the purchase of their materials at solidarity prices. Throughout the year, awareness-raising activities will be organized.


The membership is valid at the national level, in the 3 points of sale in Pantin, Paris and Marseille!



Download the membership form


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The Récupérathèque

A new student association of the Beaux-Arts de Paris which promotes sustainability (by providing reused materials for all, by revalorizing waste), solidarity (by allowing students to reduce their costs of acquiring materials), and creates social links (place of exchange and advice...).