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DÉCORAMA is a collective exhibition in the form of a writing game. Each artist responds to the same constraint, a background of scenery, united to create a landscape. The event is co-organized by the association Scandale and Plurality University.

with : 
César Akli Kaci (diplômé 2021)
Solveig Burkhard (diplômée du 1er cycle)
Ece Bal (diplômée 2022) & Marc Lochner (diplômé 2022) & Thomas Lefevre (diplômé 2021)
Morgane Ely (diplômée 2021) 
Alexandre Ferreira (diplômé 2021) 
Maxime Laguerre (diplômé 2021) 
Chloé Luchs
Leandro Katz (étudiant) 
Kleospatera (étudiante)
Brieuc Maire (diplômé 2021)
Gabriella Panarelli (diplômée 2021)
Alexander Rączka (diplômé 2019) 
Léa Scheldeman (diplômée 2021) 
Franck Scurti
Aliha Thalien (diplômée 2021)
Typhanie Vallée (diplômée 2021) 
Chloé Vanderstraeten (diplômée 2021) & Gaspard Laurent (diplômé 2020) 
Louise Votan (étudiante)


The DÉCORAMA exhibition is inspired by model apartments, dioramas and Christmas windows: sets transformed into images, which follow one another. We scroll from scene to scene like a pop-up book, where each page is an artificial world. The artists of DÉCORAMA respond to the same constraint: each one chooses an image or a motif, printed on wallpaper, which serves as a backdrop for his or her set. Each artist has his own space, the projection of his inner world. The selection of artists federates several generations; students, former students, confirmed artists. A community that questions the narrative, the polarity between object and image, reality and fiction. The pages are linked to each other with the narration that the spectators want to give, creating a multiplicity of narratives from the same exhibition.


An exhibition realized thanks to the support of the Dream Big Grow Fast Foundation, the Fondation de France and the Friends of the Beaux-Arts de Paris.

As well as with the precious help of the Cercle Chromatique and the Beaux-Arts de Paris.

Practical information

From September 23 to 28, 2022
Opening on Friday, September 23 from 6 to 10 pm

Espace Voltaire
81 Bd Voltaire
75011 Paris