Artistic Practice Department / Co-teaches with Patrick Faigenbaum

Born in 1952 in Paris, Marc Patout lives and works in Aubervilliers. He studied at the École, in the workshop of Stephen Martin, and graduated in 1975. He began working in photography in 1978 and teaches at the School since 2001.

After becoming a reporter, Marc Patout has developed long term (2 to 4 years) investigative documentary projects, engaging in collaborative procedures adapted to the chosen situations. His work always associates a field of activity, a social situation, history and an intervention on the institutional context. The peculiar quality of his work is related to its ability to involve people, situations, an area of activity, a social situation, an historical context and an artistic intervention, factoring major political and human dimension. In his work, it is a matter of positioning, which opens the possibility of creating real situations in which images can emerge.

He has worked with children in a day hospital in 1980, a seminal experience for all of his artistic approach. He worked on Apartheid (1986-1989), the ragpickers of Emmaüs communities, with homeless vendors of the newspaper La Rue then with the “community” of residents of Cornillon, vacant land, former industrial area in the northern suburbs of Paris, selected in 1995 as the site of the great stadium of Football World Cup, for nearly two years before their expulsion. This series was shown in 1997 at Documenta in Kassel. In 1990, he participated in the creation of the Association Ne Pas Plier (“Do Not Fold”) gathering image creators and friends of visual expression, aiming “to create, produce and distribute images that make sense, intended for causes and human topics of international and national urgency, all on the sharing mode, subject oriented.”
His solo and group exhibitions include Ne Pas Plier, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (1995), Documenta X in Kassel (1997), Emmaüs et... at the Maison de l’art et de la communication de Sallaumines (1998 ) Sortir la tête, in the church Saint-Pierre de Tulle (1998-2000), Des Territoires, seminar and exhibition at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris (2001), Archivo Universal. La condicion del documento y la utopia fotografica moderna, Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona (2008), Terre with Gérard Paris-Clavel, at the Centre régional de la Photographie Nord-Pas-de-Calais, Douchy-les-Mines, Fabrique des Arts, in Denain (2008).