Cultural Events

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The purpose of the École’s Cultural Events Program is to inform students on current artistic and cultural events and to set up encounters with artists, critics and art professionals. The program embraces all artistic disciplines while dovetailing with current life at the École and being coordinated with courses and study programs, thereby facilitating students’ exploration of all areas of contemporary artistic creation. It is also coordinated with École exhibitions—for example, several young artists will be invited to the École in connection with the exhibition entitled 2001-2011: Soudain déjà—and publications.

The Cultural Events program offers an intensive schedule of encounters, talks, seminars, conferences and screenings with artists, art historians, critics and other professionals of the worlds of art and culture. It is highly responsive to proposals by teachers, École studios, departments and sections, the Programme La Seine, also to suggestions from students. And in connection with the program the École has developed partnerships with a large number of museums, artistic, cultural and academic institutions, and festivals.

Friday afternoons are generally reserved for encounters or interviews with artists. Some events are organized jointly with the Digital Technologies Section and focus specifically on the new media, photography and sound.

Choreographers, performers, directors whose works explore or are otherwise relevant to the visual arts will also be invited over the year, in connection with events at Paris galleries, theaters and cinemas. This year’s program features four talks on the physical, social, cultural, political and ethnographic frameworks, codes, prejudices and formalisms of dance.

In the film/video screening and encounters program, students have the opportunity to meet with guest video artists and filmmakers, critics, theorists, specialists of video and experimental and documentary film, and distribution structure professionals. Approximately 100 films are screened each year, including a large number of alternative productions: artist videos, documentary films, dance videos, performances, concerts, etc. Thanks to the École’s partnerships with video and film festivals, associations, artist networks, and director and distributor networks in France and Europe, we are able to invite independent groups and event organizers to present programs of their choice, thus directly involving the École in specific art video events and making it possible to screen an international selection of experimental works. The École’s participation in France’s national Mois du Film Documentaire brings to light ties between social issues and how contemporary art is probing those issues, exploring the boundaries between film and video, experimentation and documentary presentation. By renewing and diversifying practices, writing and approaches that connect the world of new film and the world of contemporary art, the École’s video and film program takes account of the process-like and performative aspect of works, their transversal nature, the artist’s social experimentation and engagement.

Several personalities have been invited to speak in a series of 5 lectures entitled Psychanalyse, art et image run by Alain Vanier, professor and research director at Paris Diderot-Université de Paris 7. The lecture series will culminate in a conversation with an École artist faculty member.

The Vie professionnelle series of talks and encounters informs students about the professional art world, how it works, and new issues in the art professional, providing them with additional tools for achieving better professional integration. This year, in addition to a presentation of the Maison des Artistes and an introduction to management that includes an personalized career counseling session, a number of exhibition organizers, gallery operators and protagonists of new expression and exhibition spaces have been invited to speak.

The Cultural Events Office plans a program of visits to exhibitions for 1st-year students and regularly makes information on current art events available to them. In addition, students who have done a foreign exchange program with one of the École’s partner art schools will be invited to present their experiences through an interview with the manager of an artists’ residence.

The Cultural Events program and schedule is regularly announced every month and throughout the semester