Admission as a transfer student

Terms for admission as a transfer student

Prospective candidates must be able to give evidence they hold a graduate art school degree. Failing to do so, prospective candidates showing a qualified professional experience in arts for a period of at least two consecutive years may be granted a dispensation by the Director of the school setting up and practical details of which are determined by himself.

Foreign students

Foreign candidates are submitted to the same general conditions as French nationals.
All documents submitted must be certified translations.
In order to be considered candidates must have a working knowledge of French. To this end, candidates should include all relative documents in their application. A good command of French shown by the candidate during the interview is a notable plus.


The application dossier consists of an administrative file and the submission of personal artwork.
The artistic dossier, which should allow for easy consultation, consists of original personal work (size should not exceed 1 by 1.20 metres or when rolled up not be higher than 1.30 metre). Large format work will not be accepted: candidates should provide a photographic dossier representative of the work (slides will not be admitted). Three-dimensional work will only be accepted on condition it can be handled without too much difficulty. As concerns digital dossiers, only files in Quick Time ou VLC an USB key or a DVD-R are accepted. Work presented in any other format will not be admitted.
All work should be organised in one easily to handle dossier. Any dossier that exceeds the indicated formats will not be accepted.


Admission is based on the presentation of personal work in tandem with an interview by a jury;
the latter will examine the candidates’ work as well as their field of interest.
The jury’s decision, which is without appeal, shall decide to what year of study the prospective candidate is to be admitted. If necessary, the jury shall also consider what extra Course Units the candidate may need to take in order to achieve the level required by the School.

Content of your art application file

Reminder : prospective candidates whose administrative file has been accepted will be asked to deposit their art application file on 24th of March 2017 (Make sure to bring your notification as well as your identity papers).

The art file consists of original personal artworks.

The file containing any drawing or painting work as well as photographic prints shall not exceed 75 cm x 110 cm format.).

ƒ. As regards digital files, only those compatible with QuickTime or VLC and delivered on USB key, CD-R or DVD-R shall be accepted.

ƒ. As regards three-dimensional work, candidates shall provide a photographic file representative of the work (slides not accepted).

ƒ. Digital files shall be accepted on USB key, CD-R or DVD-R only

ƒ. The whole of the work presented shall be delivered in a single dossier, and should be easily handled.

Any file or dossier not complying with formats mentioned above shall not be accepted.

Documents to be enclosed with the admission application form

ƒ. Candidates to the admission to the 1st year: copy of your A level diploma (baccalauréat or any other equivalent secondary school diploma) or a proof of attendance (enrolment in their final year in 2017-2018) or a dispensation request addressed to M. le Directeur de l’École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts (for candidates who do not hold neither the Baccalauréat nor any other equivalent secondary school diploma and who are not enrolled in their final year in the course of 2017-2018).

ƒ. Candidates to the admission under studies: copy of degrees passed (graduate is a minimum). Failing to provide those, documents showing a qualified professional experience for at least two consecutive years, along with a dispensation request addressed to the Director of the school.

ƒ. Foreign students must provide a certified French copy of their diplomas / degrees.

ƒ. A valid copy of the identity card or passport.

ƒ. 52 euros to be paid by cheque or 26 euros for scholarship recipients (a copy of the final decision for the academic year 2016-2017 is required). The cheque should be addressed to the accountant of the Ensba (candidates shall mention their first name and surname at the back of the cheque).

For any registration out of the French territory, fees should be sent by international money order to the accountant of the Ensba.

Administrative file

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